What A Rush Podcast – Episode 18: Live from New Orleans, WrestleMania 34

Joe and Road Warrior Animal have a big announcement. A new podcast is coming – “The Wives of the Squared Circle.” Hear the REAL inside stories from the wives of Former WWE Superstars. That podcast is coming in May.

The guys also reflect on some of their favorite WrestleMania memories and provide a preview for WrestleMania 34.

What A Rush Podcast – Episode 17: Lex Luger

Take a ride on the Lex Express on this week’s What A Rush Podcast.  Animal and Joe Roderick chat with the Total Package, Lex Luger about the first time Lex met the Road Warriors, and how Hawk scared him.  Lex also shares the story of his first title win, which was very different than Animal’s.  Joe and Lex then talk about how they have found religion late in their lives and how it has changed them both for the better.

Last Man Up – Episode 5: Joe Schwarz of Birds on the Black and The Athletic

Joe Schwarz of the Birds on the Black and The Athletic joins the Last Man Up to preview the 2018 MLB season. The guys also break down the NCAA Tournament thus far. How has Loyola-Chicago gotten this far? Division winners, wild card winners, and World Series winners are also predicted.

Last Man Up – Episode 4: Eamonn Brennan

We announced Clay’s Twitter handle wrong last week. It is @tonofclayton. We are really dumb when it comes to NCAA Tournament brackets. As do most of the pundits in the country.

Eamonn Brennan (@eamonnbrennan) of The Athletic joins the guys to talk college hoops.

Eamonn wasn’t really expecting Missouri to win. He considers the season to be a success, though. Especially since when they won 8 games last year. He was disappointed in the way Missouri played the second half of the game. He was impressed yet still with MPJ.

Moving on to Cardinals talk. We find out just how average of a player Mike Matheny was.

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What A Rush Podcast – Episode 16: WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2018

What better way to break down the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame by having a Hall of Famer talk about all of this year’s inductees.  Road Warrior Animal shares stories about this year’s class, talking about times he crossed paths with the men and women who will be honored in New Orleans.  Hear about when Joe first met Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, Mark Henry, and others in this week’s episode.  Also, hear about where Animal will be this weekend and what his schedule looks like for WrestleCon.

Last Man Up – Episode 3: Tara Wellman, the Resurgence of Tiger Woods

Birds on the Black (@birdsontheblack) columnist Tara Wellman (@tarawellman) joins the guys to talk about the Cardinals offseason and the upcoming season. They also talk NCAA Tournament, golf, and the resurgence of Tiger Woods. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and comment on iTunes and Google Play.

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What A Rush Podcast – Episode 15: Al Snow

What does everybody want???  How about Road Warrior Animal chatting it up with Al Snow?   The Joes talk with former ECW and WWE star Al Snow about his current life training wrestlers and traveling around the indy circuit, and what he’s doing to be in the best shape of his life.  The boys also talk about what current young wrestlers do these days to get themselves over, what works and what doesn’t.  Al also talks about a few of his business ventures which includes vitamins and supplements, a wrestling school in the UK, and the popular company Collar And Elbow.  Buy one of his shirts at collarandelbowbrand.com and then go check out our latest addition at Pro Wrestling Tees

Noshin & Joshin – Episode 11: Which microphone does Joey Hams use? Hot food takes that might melt your ears.

The guys gather from MattyBear’s favorite studios; the Powerscourt Studios to bring you this magical presentation. Subscribe, comment, and rate on iTunes!

  • A racist post made its way to the fan page right as we went on the air
  • We nosh on Onion Rings and Fried Mushrooms from The Village Bar (Villagio)
  • We also break down Companion Cafe baked goods and lunch
  • MattyBear gives some really cold food takes
  • Which microphone does Joey Hams use when he comes to the studio?
  • MattyBear uses restaurant industry slang terms
  • Hardee’s chicken fingers are the best
  • 3 of 4 of us love McDonalds Hot Mustard, which is quite the anomaly
  • MWHBAH is good at beating down corporations on Twitter
  • There’s a new Fan Page Rising Star
  • Cheap Plugs

Last Man Up – Episode 2: Anna Marie Tarullo

The guys break down the Paul DeJong contract. Also, comparisons are made to other Cardinal players that have signed similar contracts, and we find out that Allan Craig is playing baseball for San Diego. Anna Marie Tarullo (@tarullotalks) joins the show to talk college basketball, SEC Tournament, Louisville, and the Kentucky Derby. Finally, the guys break down Oscar-winning films.

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