Last Man Up – Episode 35: Clay Beyersdorfer

World famous podcaster Clay Beyersdorfer (@tonofclayton) joined the podcast to give us his views on the sports world. And the fact that he could be on his death bed is addressed.

The guys also break down baseball’s Winter Meetings in Las Vegas, and the top 5 hot takes of the week courtesy of Awful Announcing.

It’s an episode chocked full of content you won’t want to miss!

Last Man Up – Episode 34: P-D Reporter David Hunn and Cardinals guru Craig Edwards

David Hunn
Craig Edwards

It’s been a big week in St. Louis sports. 

On Wednesday, the St. Louis Cardinals made a blockbuster trade acquiring Paul Goldschmidt from the Arizona Diamondback. The guys give their takes, and Craig Edwards (@craigjedwards) joins the show to discuss his thoughts on the Goldschmidt trade … what it means for the Cardinals during the Hot Stove season, and what it means during the season. 

Post Dispatch reporter David Hunn (@davidhunn) also joined the show to discuss the MLS and the NFL lawsuits with the guys.

The guys also break down the XFL coming to St. Louis and new Mizzou quarterback Kelly Bryant.

Last Man Up – Episode 33: Amy Trask and Hanna Yates

Amy Trask/NFL Network
Hanna Yates/590 The Fan

We had our very own edition of Ladies’ Night on the Last Man Up podcast on our most recent episode.

Hanna Yates (@hannaraeyates) joined the guys to discuss the Blues season so far … the firing of Mike Yeo … is there a problem in the clubhouse … and is Coach Q coming home to St. Louis?

Former Oakland Raiders CEO and current host of That Other Pregame Show on the CBS Sports Network Amy Trask (@amytrask) hopped on with the guys for a few minutes to talk about the current state of the NFL. 

Of course, we have our usual break down of college football and the Cardinals hot stove action. Clay is wrong and thinks the SEC Championship game is important. 

Andy give his Top 5 Hot Takes of the week courtesy of the folks over at Awful Announcing. 

Last Man Up – Episode 32: TJ Walker of Kentucky Sports Radio

T.J. Walker/KSR

It’s our last episode before Thanksgiving. We open the show talking about different TV shows. We break out into some Missouri Football talk and Cardinals Hot Stove league action.

T.J. Walker of Kentucky Sports Radio (@tjwalkerKSR) joins the program to discuss the upcoming college basketball season.

We wrap the show with the Top 5 hot sports takes of the week. Berger lives by the creedo that baseball is an individual sport masquerading itself as a team sport. Find out which baseball genius might actually agree with him!

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Last Man Up – Episode 31: Dan McLaughlin of Fox Sports Midwest

Dan McLaughlin/Fox Sports Midwest

Cardinals TV play by play announcer Dan McLaughlin (@dannymactv) joined the guys on the podcast to discuss the Cardinals season, and what he thinks is going to happen during the off-season. Dan breaks down several topics most notably Bryce Harper and what the Cardinals do with their outfield if they sign him. 

We also have a little fun with Dan, of course. We talk about him recording St. Louis Blues play by play into a tape recorder at the end of the press box in the late 90s. The guys want to know where those tapes are. 

We also talk a little NFL, NBA and NHL and wrap the show up with the Top 5 Sports Takes from around the world.

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Last Man Up – Episode 30: Mike Morreale of

Mike Morreale/

Episode 30 is chocked full of small stories that need to be addressed. We take a tale of the tape on Los Angeles and Boston because both teams are in the World Series. Which city has it better in sports right now?

Berger and Andy are old and are too old to go to the club. Even Clay feels old at Wheelhouse. Berger tried to do a remote from 360 on Friday Cardinal games. They weren’t interested in his hot takes.

College football talk. beat writer Mike Morreale (@mikemorrealeNHL) joins the show to talk all things hockey and tries to help us understand why the Blues are having a hard go at it.

We wrap up the show with the Awful Announcing Top 5 hot takes of the week.

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Last Man Up – Episode 29: Benjamin Hochman & Peter Vecsey

Benjamin Hochman
Peter Vecsey
The new home of the Golden State Warriors – Chase Center/San Francisco

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Benjamin Hochman (@hochman) joins the show to discuss the MLS, the Cardinals off-season, and the St. Louis region.

Veteran NBA reporter Peter Vecsey (@petervecsey1) stopped by to talk a little NBA.

Last Man Up – Episode 28: Jeff Chadiha and Danny Jones

Jeffri Chadiha /NFL Network
Danny Jones/Columbia Daily Tribune

Journalists Jeffri Chadiha (@jeffrichadiha) and Danny Jones (@daniel_m_jones) join the Last Man Up podcast to discuss both the NFL season and Mizzou’s trip to Tuscaloosa to take on Alabama, respectively. 

The boys also break down the huge announcement in St. Louis this week regarding a new ownership group for a MLS team in the city, and we have the Top 5 Hot Takes of the Week.

Last Man Up – Episode 27: Cam Jannsen from KFNS and Jim Hayes from Fox Sports Midwest

Jim Hayes
Blues Alumnus Cam Jannsen

Episode 27 opens with some heavy Mizzou talk. Will Kurt Russell show up in the Mizzou locker room during the pre-game to get the guys fired up for the game?

Blues Alumnus and host of The Cam Jannsen Show on 590 The Fan KFNS in St. Louis Cam Jannsen (@camjannsen25) joins the show to help get you ready for the Blues season.

For the third year in a row, there won’t be any post-season baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. The host of The Morning After on 590 The Fan KFNS and regional cable journalist extraordinaire Jimmy “The Cat” Hayes (@thecatonfox) joins the show to wrap up the season. We also dig a little into what Jim is like off the air. We discuss his Hall of Fame elementary school basketball coaching career and just how talented the rest of his family is!

Continuing our newest tradition, we cover the five hottest takes of the week and give our own hot takes on the hot takes. It’s a hot take extravaganza.

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Last Man Up – Episode 26: HOF Nominee London Fletcher and author Jeff Pearlman

Author Jeff Pearlman
Former Ram, NFL Ironman, and HOF Nominee London Fletcher

We kick episode 26 off talking about the Cardinals and the future of Adam Wainwright.

Former St. Louis Ram and 2018 Hall of Fame Nominee London Fletcher joins the program to talk NFL and his time in St. Louis. The conversation starts with talking about all of the Roughing the Passer penalties in the first three weeks of the season. Fletcher was an “iron man” of the NFL by playing in 256 games and starting 215 games. London agrees that Jeff Scanina had the biggest calves in the NFL, and that his calves alone could injure someone.
Fletcher was an undrafted free agent signed by the Rams in 1998. Charlie Armey liked his speed on the field, and that’s what really gave him his big break in the NFL. Like Berger, London is also a big fan of Amy Trask who is his co-host on The Other Pregame Show on the CBS Sports Network.
London further recalls his time as a Ram – The Greatest Show on Turf, the dome rockin, and the fantastic fan support even during the 4-12 1998 season.

The author of Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL Jeff Pearlman (@jeffpearlman)  joins the program to discuss the USFL. He recalls his memories as a fan of the fantastic Mets/Cardinals rivalry in the mid-80s. You can find buy his book here.

Finally, we wrap the show up with the Top 5 Hot Takes of the week (courtesy to Awful Announcing).