Last Man Up – Episode 41: Vinny Bonsignore from The Athletic/Los Angeles

Vinny Bonsignore/The Athletic

Friend of the show and Friend of St. Louis, Los Angeles Rams beat writer Vinny Bonsignore from The Athletic-Los Angeles joins the program to talk about the Rams appearance in Super Bowl LIII. What’s it going to take to know down Tom Brady and the Patriots. How’s the scene in Atlanta?

Also, Yahoo releases it’s 10 worst coaching decisions in Super Bowl history. Can you name No. 1?

It’s all on this episode of the Last Man Up podcast.

STL Happy Hour – Episode 4: We Had a Plan … But It Got Scrapped

Nintendo GameBoy

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The highlight of this show is when Alpena mentions cutting onions, and Andy goes into a how-to on cutting onions. Hint: You need a sharp knife.

Could there be a real cure for cancer within a year? We’ll discuss.

Is it as fun being a kid today as it was in the 80s and 90s?

Do you still have your GameBoy?

All of that and more … on the latest episode of the STL Happy Hour part of the Saint Louis Podcast Network

Last Man Up – Episode 40: Abby Llorico of Today in St. Louis/KSDK

Abby Llorico/KSDK

It’s cold in January in St. Louis. We discuss that and some conference championship talk.

Abby Llorico (@abbyllorico) joined the show to talk with the guys about the state of current affairs in the City of St. Louis.

Last Man Up – Episode 39: Benjamin Allbright

Benjamin Allbright

We’re one away from the big 4-0! In this episode of the Last Man Up podcast, the guys talk Cardinals baseball. Who is the 1980s equivalent of Matt Carpenter? Where does Manny Machado fit in the Cards lineup?

NFL reporter Benjamin Allbright ( joins the show to break down conference championship weekend. He also touches on a Tweet he sent out back in November about how St. Louis should pitch the Spannos family to bring the Chargers home to St. Louis.

As usual, the show wraps with Andy regurgitating Awful Announcing’s Top 5 Hot Takes of the Week … Matt and Clay break down the ridiculousness.

Be sure to hang around and listen to the end for a great story from Ben Allbright that he had about Mark Morrison of Return of the Mack fame.

Episode 38: Jeff Chadiha of

Jeff Chadiha/

We open the show discussing college football and the CFP Championship game.

Jeff Chadiha (@jeffrichadiha) joins the show to talk NFL postseason. He gets down and dirty with his picks and who he thinks is going to win Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

We skip the top 5 Hot Takes of the Week and instead breakdown Awful Announcing’s ranking of the top NFL Announcers.

Episode 37: Rene Knott of 5 On Your Side/St. Louis

Rene Knott/KSDK

We spend the first few minutes of the show reminiscing about Friend of the Show “Mean Gene” Okerlund. Always a great interview, Mr. Okerlund as Matt Berger liked to refer to him as, always had great stories to tell about his life in professional wrestling.

Rene Knott, host of the Today in St. Louis on 5 On Your Side/KSDK in St. Louis joins the show to talk college football and MLB Hot Stove league action. We also get a little into new St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell, and what he’s been up his first couple days in office.

We wrap up the show with a look ahead at the NFL Playoffs. Andy interrupts the closing of the show with breaking news that the Kansas City Chiefs could lose their first-round bye this weekend in true Chiefs postseason fashion.

Last Man Up – Episode 35: Clay Beyersdorfer

World famous podcaster Clay Beyersdorfer (@tonofclayton) joined the podcast to give us his views on the sports world. And the fact that he could be on his death bed is addressed.

The guys also break down baseball’s Winter Meetings in Las Vegas, and the top 5 hot takes of the week courtesy of Awful Announcing.

It’s an episode chocked full of content you won’t want to miss!