Last Man Up – Episode 23: Adam Spencer and Howard Balzer

Adam Spencer (@adamspencer4) from Saturday’s Down South to recap the first weekend of the college football season. He spends some time talking about Mizzou’s offense and defense, Nick Saban being a complete jerk again, and a quick run around the SEC. Texas lost to Maryland. Is Texas still a powerhouse in the SEC?

Howard Balzer (@hbalzer721) with the NFL channel on Sirius XM joins the program to preview the 2018 NFL season. H gives his breakdown of the Khalil Mack trade to the Chicago Bears from the Oakland Raiders. Are the Bears trying to bring back to a vintage defense? H thinks the NFC Central is one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL this season.
Mack, Aaron Donald, and Aaron Rodgers all signed contracts with huge guaranteed money. H gives his take on contracts moving forward in the NFL.
H lets us know his big questions of the 2018 season – with one of the bigger questions being the rookie quarterbacks.
What’s going on with the Rams in Los Angeles? H says the Rams are the team to beat in the NFC West.
H talked to Roger Goddell during the HOF weekend about the lawsuit between the City of St. Louis and the NFL and the Rams. The answer may or may not shock you.