Last Man Up – Episode 24: Hot Take Central

Lots of stuff has happened since we last recorded. Nike started a new ad campaign with Colin Kapernick.
Hot takes on Internet keyboard gangsters. What have the guys said to girls to get some? Andy was an agent. Clay was a hockey player. Berger denied being a baseball player in the George Costanza moment of his life.
Clay would never date a woman who could dunk on him.

Adam Wainwright gets another start on Sunday against the Dodgers. Is the nostalgia start going to come back and bite the Cardinals in the butt come playoff time? Is it the best move for the organization at this point in the season? The guys give their Cardinals playoff predictions with 24 games remaining in the season.
Missouri is heading to West LaFayette, IN to take on Purdue. Mizzou is looking for revenge after last year’s schlacking at the hand of the Boilermakers. It’s important to go into the Georgia game 3-0. Mizzou got screwed on starting time by CBS and the SEC. Arkansas and Auburn get the call for the SEC game of the week.
Biggest surprises of the first week of the NFL season?
NFL ratings drama due to Peyton Manning not playing?