Last Man Up – Episode 26: HOF Nominee London Fletcher and author Jeff Pearlman

Author Jeff Pearlman
Former Ram, NFL Ironman, and HOF Nominee London Fletcher

We kick episode 26 off talking about the Cardinals and the future of Adam Wainwright.

Former St. Louis Ram and 2018 Hall of Fame Nominee London Fletcher joins the program to talk NFL and his time in St. Louis. The conversation starts with talking about all of the Roughing the Passer penalties in the first three weeks of the season. Fletcher was an “iron man” of the NFL by playing in 256 games and starting 215 games. London agrees that Jeff Scanina had the biggest calves in the NFL, and that his calves alone could injure someone.
Fletcher was an undrafted free agent signed by the Rams in 1998. Charlie Armey liked his speed on the field, and that’s what really gave him his big break in the NFL. Like Berger, London is also a big fan of Amy Trask who is his co-host on The Other Pregame Show on the CBS Sports Network.
London further recalls his time as a Ram – The Greatest Show on Turf, the dome rockin, and the fantastic fan support even during the 4-12 1998 season.

The author of Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL Jeff Pearlman (@jeffpearlman)  joins the program to discuss the USFL. He recalls his memories as a fan of the fantastic Mets/Cardinals rivalry in the mid-80s. You can find buy his book here.

Finally, we wrap the show up with the Top 5 Hot Takes of the week (courtesy to Awful Announcing).