Last Man Up – Episode 42: Howard Balzer of the Alliance of American Football

We kick things off talking about Casey Kasem. Would the guys who do our theme song make it to American Top 40? Which of course leads to the conversation and the playing of Casey Kasem going bat shit in the studio.

Where is Shadoe Stevens? Where are Bob and Tom and Mr. Obvious?

The guys give their thoughts on Super Bowl LIII. We talk the game, the commericals, Maroon 5.

The show has a new auditor, and it’s the great Tara Wellman. She’s also going to determine if Clay is gay.

Howard Balzer (@hbalzer721) joins the show to talk more about the Super Bowl. But the exciting thing on Howard’s plate right now is the new Alliance of American Football (AAF). Howard is going to be covering the league for The season starts Saturday, February 9.

The show wraps up with a discussion on the possible changes to the rules of Major League Baseball. How would the NL deal with the DH?