STL Happy Hour – Blues Game 6 Preview, Todd Thomas (That One Guy), Is Music Dead, Take It Or Leave It

Andy using the Make me a Girl Snapchat filter. Scary.

This episode centers around what everyone is talking about in St. Louis – the Blues. Andy and John preview Game 6. We have sound bytes from Craig Berube. We also hear some of the play by play calls from Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals where something happened that hadn’t happened before – a hat trick, penalty shot, and shutout all in one playoff game.

After a quick break, we come back and discuss the PGA Championship and lead into an interview “That One Guy” from St. Louis Cardinals games Todd Thomas.

Todd tells stories from inside the ropes at the 2019 PGA Championship on Long Island.

John asks Andy – “Is Music Dead?”

Then Andy ends up singing.

We play with effects on the board and entertain ourselves. (Sorry. It’s weird.)

John and Andy tell the stories of how they met their better halves.

And then we have another resounding segment of Take It or Leave It.