Noshin & Joshin – Episode 11: Which microphone does Joey Hams use? Hot food takes that might melt your ears.

The guys gather from MattyBear’s favorite studios; the Powerscourt Studios to bring you this magical presentation. Subscribe, comment, and rate on iTunes!

  • A racist post made its way to the fan page right as we went on the air
  • We nosh on Onion Rings and Fried Mushrooms from The Village Bar (Villagio)
  • We also break down Companion Cafe baked goods and lunch
  • MattyBear gives some really cold food takes
  • Which microphone does Joey Hams use when he comes to the studio?
  • MattyBear uses restaurant industry slang terms
  • Hardee’s chicken fingers are the best
  • 3 of 4 of us love McDonalds Hot Mustard, which is quite the anomaly
  • MWHBAH is good at beating down corporations on Twitter
  • There’s a new Fan Page Rising Star
  • Cheap Plugs

Noshin & Joshin – Episode 8

It’s the 2018 Fan Page Award Ceremony! We honor all the greats of 2017¬†and also pay tribute to those we lost. It’s an episode that can’t be missed.

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