STL Happy Hour – Episode 6: Our Show is the Kind of Show Where Friends Feel Like They Can Drop By

Alpena’s best friend Chris joins the program. He tells stories of how much he hated Alpena for most their freshman year as roommates at Loyola University in Chicago.

STL Happy Hour – Episode 5: Analyzing Better Together’s Plan

Of course this episode is chock full of our usual fun and games.

We talk about the most watched shows on television. Andy learns about the Mickey Mouse Club Hot Diggity Dog song.

Then we talk about the plan that Better Together STL has put together for creating a unified St. Louis under one government. We break down some of the myths and misconceptions about the plan, and what the plan really entails.

And we give a shout out to Alpena’s buddy Don Hernandez.

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STL Happy Hour – Episode 4: We Had a Plan … But It Got Scrapped

Nintendo GameBoy

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The highlight of this show is when Alpena mentions cutting onions, and Andy goes into a how-to on cutting onions. Hint: You need a sharp knife.

Could there be a real cure for cancer within a year? We’ll discuss.

Is it as fun being a kid today as it was in the 80s and 90s?

Do you still have your GameBoy?

All of that and more … on the latest episode of the STL Happy Hour part of the Saint Louis Podcast Network